10 True Facts About Henry Golding

If Henry Golding isn’t on your radar yet, get ready because he’s about to become your new crush. Golding rose to fame as the handsome romantic cover and crazy rich Asians since then he has starred in other movies like A Simple Favor Last Christmas and Mr. While he has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, despite his newfound stardom, he tries to keep both feet on the road. ground, aside from being an incredibly handsome actor, there’s a lot more to him than meets the eye.

10 things we know about Henry Golding

1 early life

Henry Golding Ewan Golding was born on February 5, 1987 in Sarawak, Malaysia, the son of Margaret Lyon Golding and Clive Golden, his father is from England and his mother is of the even tribe in Sarawak, Malaysia. The family lived in Malaysia before moving to Surrey England. When he was eight years old, he went to Redhill Warwick School. He moved to Kuala Lumpur when he was 21 to pursue roles in front of the camera.

2 He Was A TV Host

Before reaching Hollywood, Henry Golding worked as a presenter on various sports and travel shows. He first got his big break on ESPN hosting a weekly football show, then was tapped to host the travel show on BBC. His adventures include exploring Cappadocia’s Sagnali Valley, turkey saving lives with the Ronca Tenu Foundation for First Responders in Bangkok, and even traveling the Mekong River in Laos in search of elephant trainers.

3 acting career

10 True Facts About Henry Golding

Henry Golding made his first acting debut in Crazy Rich Asians, based on Kevin Kwan’s novel. He played, the handsome and crazy rich protagonist of Nick Young who faces an uphill battle when he takes his American fiancée home to meet his family for the first time, then in a simple favor last Christmas he played the lord and snake eyes all in all golding’s unmistakable presence has led him to become Hollywood’s newest sweetheart.

4 He never thought he would become an actor acteur

Once upon a time, travel host Henry Golding never thought he would become an actor when he was approached for a role in Crazy Rich Asians. He initially refused to join the cast because he didn’t feel experienced enough for the film world, he told Jimmy Fallon

“They probably sent me three or four emails asking me to audition. I was like, no, no, no, I’m not an actor. I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s really great, ready for this role, and the studio isn’t going to play on a newbie or a rookie.”

Thankfully, the film’s director John strongly convinced him to reconsider joining the cast and the rest is history

5 He is married

Henry Golding

Henry Golding is happily married to a live lowan Italian Taiwanese TV host and yoga instructor. The couple first met at a club on New Year’s Day in 2011. Four years later, he proposed in Thailand and in August 2016. They officially tied the knot. first child together a daughter named Lila in March 2021.

6 He Cut Off His Own Honeymoon For His Crazy Rich Asians

Audition call it fitting or ironic, but when it came to Golding’s audition for crazy rich Asians. The aspiring actor had to cut short his own honeymoon to make it to his audition, while initially hesitant to make such a big splash with his acting debut, that he apparently got a kick out of the idea when he set up his own love life celebrations and stick to being on time. for this audition, it was clear that it turned out well when he got the part.

7 He Didn’t Go To College

In an interview with the bliss upline in 2010. Henry Golding revealed that studying just wasn’t for him

“That kind of teaching and learning wasn’t the kind of way my brain works. I’m more hands-on.”

“Fortunately, my parents fully supported my choices and gave me virtually free rein.”

8 He’s A Fully Trained Hairstylist

When Henry Golding was 16, he dropped out of school to become a hairstylist. He spent much of his time in a barbershop in the UK, he told HuffPost

“I was apprenticed and just started out as a shampoo boy through the trenches.”

He eventually worked his way up and was recognized by Richard Ward Haas and Mitrospa in London

9 He’s An Avid Traveler

More than just an incredibly talented actor, Henry Golding is also an avid traveler with a passion for new experiences in the great outdoors. , he has been traveling since he was a child. He says traveling with his family has helped him gain a better perspective on the world as he hopes to do the same with his daughter, he told people.

“Lyla already has one country in her little passport. We’ll collect them and take notes for her.’

10 He Has A Production Company

Henry Golding has been busy since his star turn in Crazy Rich Asians, less than a year after he broke out on the hit rom-com. He has launched his own production company long house productions. The company is already working on two projects in collaboration with China’s starlight cultural entertainment group.

Henry Golding

The first is an action-adventure movie called The Inheritance, which is based on an original story idea by Golding and Aleister Hudson writing the script. Golding will star.

The second film is Harrington’s biggest hit, in which the actor will also star about a hit man who discovers that his arms-dealing father has signed a contract for him The name of the production house is a tribute to his roots A longhouse is a traditional house for the natives even people.