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One big family 

– Review

Kasi, Muthupandi, Palani, Selvam and Dharman are sons of Periya Ambalai who has two wives.

Karuppan is Muthupandi’s business enemy who always creates trouble for Periya Ambalai’s family.

Kasi and Muthupani decide to construct a big house for their family to live together. However, Karuppan does not want this to happen and hatches a plan.

Kasi’s son Sakthivel is an intelligent youngster who tackles the plans of Karuppan. Were the brothers successful in constructing their house forms the rest of the story.

There is always good reception for family drama in Tamil cinema and director Nandha Periyasamy has banked on this genre.

With such an ensemble of cast, Nandha has given each character equal importance without dragging unnecessary scenes.

Seasoned actors like Saravanan and Cheran are aptly cast in their respective characters. They have done a decent job.

Gautham Karthik gels well with the story and delivers what is expected from his character.

The rest of the cast have also done their part well. Sidhu Kumar’s songs are pleasant.

Borra Balabharani’s cinematography is colourful and NB Srikanth’s editing is crisp.

Rating: 3.6/5

By Naveen


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