Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 23rd November 2021, Written Update: Ram and Priya ace their interview


In today’s episode, the reporter asks where’s Priya since he was there to take an interview and tells that this indicates the paper deal is real. Priya comes and apologizes for being late as she had some work and tells the reporter to start with the interview. The reporter starts by saying many women stay suffocated in marriage and asks Priya to tell her the truth about their marriage. Ram tells the reporter to give Priya a chance to talk. 

Priya apologises for Ram’s anger and the reporter tells it’s not her mistake. Priya says it is as she left the geyser on and Ram believes in saving electricity. Priya tells they’re trying to understand each other habits and that’s what everyone does after marriage. Ram says it’s his mistake too, as he keeps taunting her. Priya tells it’s not taunting and that he is just correcting her flaws and that’s good. Meera, Sara and Brinda smile. The reporter asks if they’re supporting each other then why do they want to sign annulment papers.

Nandini wonders what Priya will answer now. Brinda hopes Priya handles things as she did this to save their marriage. The reporter conducts a rapid-fire round and Ram wins. Nandini tells Shubham to inform the reporter about Ram’s ex. 

The reporter asks Priya what she knows about Ram’s first love. Priya says she’s aware of it. The reporter asks if that’s the reason for the annulment and Priya says no, as it doesn’t affect her. The reporter asks who is his first love and Priya tells it’s his medicines as he loves falling ill and keeps his medicines as a priority. Nandini calls Shubham and asks him to reveal that their marriage was a deal to get Shivina and Akshay married. Shubham says it might affect Shivina, but Nandini insists on doing so.

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