Doubling With The Derricos Recap 07/13/21: Season 2 Episode 7 “Hearts and Heads”


Doubling With The Derricos Recap 07/13/21: Season 2 Episode 7 “Hearts and Heads”

Tonight on Doubling Down With the Derricos airs with an all-new episode from Tuesday, July 13, 2021, and we’ve got your Doubling Down With the Derricos recap below. On Tonight’s Doubling Down With the Derricos Season 2 called Episode 7 “The Derricos head to Los Angeles for Diez’s skull surgery, but the journey starts shaky when the family’s rented house isn’t what they expected. A last-minute change to the hospital’s COVID protocols leaves Deon in disbelief.

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In tonight’s DDWTD episode, Deon and Karen told the kids about Diez’s condition. The shape of Diez’s head did not develop properly and he had to have surgery to fix it. The surgery will cut into his skull. The doctors will then reshape the skull before they can put it back in and so the surgery was risky. The operation was scary. The operation also had to be properly explained to small children and so did their parents.

They explained things. They have reassured their children and now everyone is prepared for the trip to LA. The family has to travel to LA for the surgery. The kids all went with their new nanny Eric and their parents and GG and so it’s a party of eighteen that goes. They rented a house while Deon was remodeling.

Deon was renovating their current home. He thought now would be the best time to do it with everyone in LA, so a project manager came in to oversee the project while he’s gone. The project manager is a good friend. He is also a great real estate agent. He also knows that the family had no intention of staying in that house and that it was the pandemic that forced them to stay. Now they are renovating both the living room and the master bedroom. Deon and Karen gave the bedroom to the boys. It was big enough for everyone’s bunk beds and it would also give them extra room to branch out. It was the perfect solution for a house that could no longer fit in everything they needed.

Packing alone for their trip to LA was terrible. Everyone just wanted to shove their stuff in the back and Deon had to pack the stuff carefully. He has OCD. He has to do things with a method in mind and he also didn’t want to get stuck unloading the car and looking for things he needed along the way. The family took two vehicles to LA so everyone could be fit and have all their gear. It took them nine hours to travel from Las Vegas to LA.

They had to stop to change diapers and take a toilet break. Deon said they could fly there and come back in the time it took them to make a four-hour journey. They have arrived there. They unpacked and figured out who got which bedroom. Darian stayed with the five girls.

She really wanted to stay with her grandmother, but she gave someone else the chance to stay with GG. The kids love their GG. The health of GG is currently in a precarious phase. She was diagnosed with emphysema. She’s getting older and more tired, so Karen and Deon don’t want to put too much on her plate. They wanted to give a GG break. That’s why they hired the nanny or in their case the manny. Eric was their nanny.

He looked at the children and that gave the other some time to relax. The kids love Erik. They love to play with him and have him help with their homework so it was a perfect match for everyone. The kids also loved being in the new house as they needed a family vacation.

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The children did not see the downside of their rent. Their rental was all beautiful in pictures and spark plug in real life. Neither Karen nor Deon was happy about it. They started looking for a new rental property and found one that looked better in person. They also took the kids to the beach. Karen took Diez and his twin brother Dior to the beach when they last visited LA for Diez’s surgical advisor. This time she got to take all the kids and they loved the beach.

They loved wading into the water. They loved the beach. It distracted their minds from why they’re really there. They’re there for Diez’ surgery. Karen and Deon had another follow up with the doctor and they were told the surgery was like a puzzle.

The doctor put together the right puzzle pieces to give Diez a whole new shape to his head. There were, of course, risks as it removed someone’s skull and so the family prayed several times before the big day. Deon and Karen got up early in the morning. They woke Diez and took him to the hospital. Diez looked a little nervous because he is never far away from his twin brother if he could help it. Diez and Dior are always together.

They feel sad when the other is not there when they wake up and so the rest of the family will be there for Dior, while Deon and Karen will be there for Diez. Karen cried on the way to the hospital. She tried to be strong in front of the children, but inside she was a scared mother.

The hospital later told the couple that only one parent was allowed in. The couple discussed it and they decided that Karen should be with Diez. Deon had to return to the car due to safety regulations at the hospital and it got worse from there. Diez would be transferred to the ICU after his surgery.

Whoever went in with him on the day of was also the only one allowed to visit, so Deon wouldn’t see his son for more than a week. He didn’t know how to live with the divorce. It would also get worse for Diez. The sweet little boy is going to miss his brother and he can’t even see him for over a week.

And poor Diez had to be operated on alone and he didn’t like that. He started to cry and no one could stop him because he wanted his father.


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