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Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions 2021 | Release date | Cast | Plot | Ratings & Reviews | And more updates!



Escape room 2

Are you ready to watch the horror and thriller sequel to Escape Room that’s more thriller and dangerous than the first? In this action horror movie ‘you have to play the game or die’ is an easy way to exit the game.

New Escape Room 2 is here after some delay and now it’s time coming release in July 2021.

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Zoey and ben return as a survivor of the deadly escape rooms and this time they come back to give justice to the other victims of this game to save them from Minos businesses and take the hope to stop the dangerous game at once.

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They move to New York do the same, but trapped with many survivors from other escape rooms. This time situation is more worst than the first game and they all have to work together to end about Minos torture and this deadly game.

They all knew, if they wanted to leave the game they had to work properly with their new companions. To know everything about the upcoming movie Escape room 2 or also known as Escape room: Tournament of Champions.

Escape Room 2: Release Date

Escape room 2

On May 20, 2021 it was announced in a press conference that ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ de official title for the sequel of Escape Room.

This Escape Room 2 was set to release On July 16, 2021 in the United States by Sony Pictures Released after several delays, but it was already released on July 1, 2021 in Australia.

Receive the sequel mixed reviews of users and it has grossed profit $469,119 in some countries. Director, Adam Robitel movie cast is praised by many, even with the actions carried out in the sequel, but at the same time it was criticized for similar plot and areas of the Escape Room 2.

Escape Room 2: Storyline

Escape room 2

Escape Room follows the dangerous game in which six people being without knowing it locked in another series of escape rooms. They are in the new escape room game similar to the previous one but with more danger this time and they slowly came to know that they will survive with the ordinary things they have. All of them Discover that they should play the game before they die by joining two others original survivors from Escape Room.

The best players face the deadliest rooms:

Escape Room 2 Cast

Escape room 2

These are the cast and their characters they played in the thriller and horror Escape Room 2-

  • Actor Taylor came back to play the part of Zoey Davis.
  • Logan Miller starred as I’m Miller.
  • II eat Moore played as Brianna Collier
  • Holland Roden played as Rachel Ellis
  • Thomas Cocquerel played as Nathan
  • Isabelle Fuhrman played as Claire

They all have to join forces and play the Escape Room game and want to come out alive and it is interesting to watch this movie.

IMDB Rating and Reviews of Escape Room 2

Escape room 2

Got a sequel to Escape Room 6.4 reviews from 10 on IMDB and it’s an action horror movie in which six people are stuck in the game. There are both mixed user reviews to this Escape Room sequel and both user reviews are in front of you.

First, here are some positive reviews going to this movie mind blowing ending and good as the first, another user loved the whole movie and he loves the movie from the plot to the escape rooms and he writes that it was a great and incredible movie.

Now after a few positive reviews here are 1-2 negative reviews on this movie and these are ok movie and so much screaming and mumbling while other users said it was more of the the same but without novelty.

What is the classification of Escape Room 2?

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions has been rated PG-13 as there is violence, terror and strong language in the movie.

What is the appropriate age for children to watch Escape Rooms and its sequel?

according to parents reviews it’s not good for the teens to watch this movie because sometimes they even have nightmares like this above 12 or 15+ children can watch the Escape Rooms 2 but when we see reviews from kids they are mature enough to watch this movie and they love it and say its a good movie.

Is there a trailer for the Escape Room 2:

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