EXCLUSIVE: Aftab Shivdasani on Special Ops 1.5, being bracketed in comic space & possibility of Masti sequel

Aftab Shivdasani will soon be seen in Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops 1.5. “It deals with the backstory of Himmat Singh (played by Kay Kay Menon), takes you back in time, introduces new characters and I am one of those characters. It kind of tells you how he became, who he became. It’s a very interesting take on his story and my character is very intriguing, but I can’t reveal much details about it as of now,” states Aftab, further elaborating on the small breaks that he takes between projects. 

“I like to do quality work, and never really believed in quantity. The kind of offers that I was getting were not up to the standards of what I want to do for myself. So I just decided to do stuff that excites me. Hence the wait, and it has been worth it because I always wanted to work with Neeraj Sir. Then to be part of a show like this which has got so much accolades and equity, it was perfect. I have always believed in doing quality stuff, and have never really believed in just jumping at the first offer that would come to me. I mean, I would if the offer was exciting, and I am not saying that I am flooded with offers, but the stuff that I was offered didn’t kind of match the things I wanted to do for myself,” Aftab explains. 

The actor adds that he is grateful to have worked in different genres, from comedy to romance and thriller to horrors. “Thrillers, horrors and action really excites me, but a lot of people unfortunately have bracketed me in comic space or the romantic space, which is also alright. But because I have grown, I would like to do stuff that befits my personality, age and everything right now. Thankfully I have a young face. People always say, ‘Yaar tu humesha chocolate boy hi rahega’. So that kind of works for me as well,” says Aftab.

He further adds, “Having said that, I am not going to refuse comedies, romantics and other genres, because I love comedy. I love the laughs and I love to make people laugh. But the flavor of comedy has changed, people’s mindsets have changed and one has to do things which are more relevant to today’s times and today’s mindsets. In the last couple of months the offers that were coming to me, I felt were not as relevant to today’s time, it was slightly regressive and I didn’t want to do anything of that sort.”

Will he do another sequel of Masti or Kyaa Kool Hain Hum if offered now? “See you can’t take away from the brand, the brand is big. But the flavour of comedy will have to adapt itself to 2022. If the flavour of comedy is still left in 2016 or 2017 then it’s a no go, but if it’s in tune with today’s time, then of course. Comedy is one genre that will never go out of style, of course how you make it and how you design the script – even if it’s an adult comedy – that remains to be seen. But there will be a lot of work on that I would say,”  states Aftab. 

Lastly, is another part of Masti or Kyaa Kool Hain Hum in the works? “I have no idea,” Aftab keeps it short. 

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