EXCLUSIVE: Miesha Iyer says she & Ieshaan Sehgaal are dating; Opens up on latter’s equation with Rajiv Adatia


Miesha Iyer was recently evicted from Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15. Talking about her elimination from the controversial reality show, she states, “I honestly don’t know what went wrong, because towards the last week I had just started playing. Once I got out, I saw there were a lot of people who appreciated the way I played last week too. I feel this year also everyone is really strong, so every elimination after this is going to be shocking, because everyone there deserves to stay and is playing their game. But yes, this is a part and parcel of the game,” she says.

Soon after Miesha exited the house, her beau Ieshaan Sehgaal too was evicted. “We were eliminated in two separate episodes, but we have been inseparable in the show and even outside till now. We are dating, and are looking at being together,” states Miesha, further reacting to rumours that she and Ieshaan were faking their relationship in the house. 

“Yes I know everyone was like, ‘Ek hafte mein pyaar kaise hota hai?’. But I just believe that if two people are dating for 10 years and can still break up, then why can’t two people fall in love in a week? There is no timeline to it. Also, if we were doing it for the game – when people came to us and said that we shouldn’t be together all the time and should play the game – if we were actually doing it for the game we would have taken that hint. But it was never for the game. What we felt was so strong, that even after everyone and also Salman Sir told us that we should concentrate on our game, we were inseparable. We were each other’s anchor in the show and outside,” explains Miesha. 

A lot has been reported about Ieshaan and co-contestant Rajiv Adatia’s equation too. What does she have to say about that? “So Ieshaan had mentioned Rajiv in the past to me, and I know that Ieshaan considers him family and a good friend. So when he came in and Ieshaan told me that he was the Rajiv that he was talking about, I was pretty excited because you get an outside perspective. We were really happy and excited about it because we thought there would be someone who would be happy for us but things didn’t go according to the plan. Though I am no one to judge anyone’s reaction. As a friend maybe he had a few things he believed in, came in and told Ieshaan. I just felt that he could have expressed what he felt a little better, but to each its own,” Miesha signs off. 

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