First scene with Big B to selling Mannat; 10 times Shah Rukh Khan nailed interesting questions with his wit



Shah Rukh Khan’s witty replies in #AskSRK session

Shah Rukh Khan is not just the king of hearts but also a Badshah of wittiness. Yes, as much as the actor is known for his acting, he is famous for his wit. And this was proved again when the superstar had an interesting session of answering a few questions of his fans.

SRK hosted an AMA (ask me anything) hashtag on Twitter which was #AskSRK. As the name goes by here the netizens could ask or request the actor anything and everything. Out of some unique questions, there were a few users who tried to troll the ZERO star but Shah Rukh being Shah Rukh, he handled them with utmost fun and wit.

Right from answering questions like “Do you think KKR will win this time?” to “Have you finished learning how to cook?” SRK’s replies were spot on.

However, one user asked tweeting, “Bhai Mannat bechne wale ho kya? (Brother are you planning to sell Mannat)?” to which King Khan tweeted saying, “Bhai Mannat bikti nahi sar jhuka kar maangi jaati hai….yaad rakhoge toh life mein kuch paa sakogay (Brother, you cannot sell Mannat–Urdu word for a prayer– but asked for it with a bowed head. Remember this if you want to achieve anything in life).”

Meanwhile, in one of the tweets SRK also shared a trivia telling how his experience of filming with the megastar Amitabh Bachchan was. A user asked, “Sir its been 20 year of #Mohabbatein . Say something about behind the scene.” After coming across the tweet, Shah Rukh replied, “I remember doing the first scene with @SrBachchan and realised how short and small  I am!!!”

Well, isn’t it fun to read these little threads of conversations?

Here, check out some of the interesting Twitter replies of Shah Rukh Khan from his latest #AskSRK session:

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