Francis Lawrence, New Republic Team to Adapt Philip K. Dick Novel ‘Vulcan’s Hammer’


Vulcan’s Hammer, a novel by sci-fi author and Blade Runner creator Philip K. Dick, is getting the movie treatment.

New Republic Pictures, the banner run by producers Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer, and filmmaker Francis Lawrence and his about:blank company, have teamed up to adapt the 1960 novel.

Lawrence, who helmed three Hunger Games movies as well as the post-apocalyptic I Am Legend, will direct the project.

The title was picked up from the Dick estate under about:blank’s first look deal with New Republic, which recently wrapped shooting the latest Michael Bay action movie, Ambulance.

Hammer is set after a devastating world war, when the nations of Earth form the Unity party and cede global governance to the Vulcan AI system, which algorithmically dictates policies for Unity to carry out. However, after Vulcan is attacked and a special agent is murdered, Unity director William Barris is called to unravel the mystery to figure out who, or what, wants to destroy the system he has dedicated his life to.

Dick’s novel tackled ideas of artificial intelligence and society being controlled by computer technology, notions that have come to the fore in modern times. The deal shows that the author’s work continues to fascinate Hollywood, which beyond Blade Runner, has translated his work into two Total Recall movies, the Steven Spielberg-Tom Cruise sci-fi thriller Minority Report, and TV series, The Man in the High Castle.

Brian Oliver and Bradley Fischer of New Republic will produce Hammer alongside Lawrence and Cameron MacConomy of about:blank. Also producing is Isa Dick Hackett from Electric Shepherd.

Lawrence’s movies have generated over $2.2 billion worldwide and include, on top of the Hunger Games and Legend movies, the Keanu Reeves-starring Constantine and period drama, Water for Elephants, among others. He is in post on Slumberland, Netflix’s adaptation of the seminal comic strip Little Nemo’s Adventures in Slumberland that stars Jason Momoa, Marlow Barkley and Kyle Chandler. He also directed several episodes and acts as an exec producer on See, the post-apocalyptic Apple TV series.

Lawrence is repped by CAA, 3 Arts and Hansen, Jacobson. The estate of Philip K. Dick and Electric Shepherd Productions are repped by Christopher Tricarico of Tricarico Chavez LLP.

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