Gal Gadot to Priyanka Chopra Jonas: We would love to see THESE star actresses as ‘Bond Girls’ | The Times of India


It’s been 50 years, since the emerge of the Bond franchise, providing fans and viewers with a platter of jaw-dropping action sequences, deadly missions shot across quintessential streets and locales. The next film in the James Bond franchise stars Daniel Craig in his fifth and final outing as 007. Scrolling back to the pages of History, it was Bond’s intriguing qualities and the ability to be both bad-boy and suave at the same time that created an everlasting impression on his fans and viewers. No wonder, this fictional character has remained a hero throughout, as he’s self-assured, confident and unapologetic. Despite Daniel Craig being irreplaceable with his wit and sensibility, fans would love to see THESE star actress pull off the role of a Female 007.

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