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HIStory4_ Close to You (2021) Episode 7_ release date, watch online and preview
HIStory4_ Close to You (2021) Episode 7_ release date, watch online and preview

HIStory4: Close to You is an ongoing Taiwanese drama. It is the fourth installment of the famous series “HIStory”. HIStory4: Close to You is a BL drama that focuses on the love interests of four different individuals. Any kind or any kind of love is love. It is gaining color acceptance from viewers around the world. Taiwan entertainment has a separate base of growing fans in the genre. With the acceptance of any kind of love, the world becomes a little happier place to be. Xiao Li Cheng, Teng Mu Ren, Ye Xing Si and Fu Yong Jie are the four main characters of the drama.

The drama was broadcast on March 14, 2021 and will run until May 16, 2021. With a total of 20 episodes, the drama is broadcast every Sunday. Before that, the series “HIStory” has had three more dramas. All dramas in the BL series. New-age issues have also come up with emerging relationships. How the guys arrange their love and private life is the one to watch out for. The drama is broadcast on the original network Line TV and lasts 24 minutes per episode. Directed by Chen Yi Yu, this drama is already getting a huge response from the audience. 6 episodes have been released so far and the 7th episode will be released next.

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HIStory4: Close to You (2021) Episode 7: release date, watch online and preview

A Still from HIStory4: Close to You

The drama’s story revolves around four main characters. Xiao Li Cheng, Teng Mu Ren, Ye Xing Si, and Fu Yong Jie are the four men who struggle to understand their own feelings. When it comes to love, anything is possible, and of course any kind of love is love. Love has no barriers, and sooner or later the boys understand the fact. How they will accept their love and how well they will overcome the obstacles in their way is the general story. The story begins with Xiao Li Cheng, a highly skilled businessman in the country who successfully runs a massive wedding planning company. He was in love with Liu Mei Fang from the very beginning. His childhood crush isn’t going away, so he’s thinking about borrowing some help from others. Soon, Xiao Li Cheng asks for help from Teng Mu Ren to get Liu Mei Fang’s attention.

But fate has its own side of the story ever ready for the lovers, right? Here comes the twist as expected. Xiao Li Cheng and Teng Mu Ren inadvertently become emotionally involved. Ye Xing Si is also the company’s creative director and has some involvement with his stepmother. Whatever he does, he gets more and more involved as a web chain. His stepbrother Fu Yong Jie is equally interested in him. What happens now? Will the two accept reality and become a perfect pair, or will they ignore the state of their hearts for society and avoid complications? We will, of course, get the answers towards the end of the drama. So, how the truth reveals and how they accept reality by overcoming the fears is the overall plot of the story.

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