Horoscope Today, December 25, 2021: See daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Taurus, Virgo and Pisces ascendant sign people need to be careful about their health and take required precautions. Read the daily forecast for your ascendant sign to know further details.




Aries sign people might receive a handful of cash which may be used to fulfil family requirements as well as further investments. Your astute reading of the market will give you an edge over others in the stock market. If you appear in an exam or an interview today, your performance will be excellent. You will feel pleased with yourself. A lunch or a dinner out with friends and family members is highly possible. Love is in the air for all.



Taurus sign people will work with sincerity and in a consistent manner. You will have a rejuvenated spirit in you which will be noticed by your higher ups in the workplace. You may be given a prestigious project to lead as a reward. A significant part of the day will be spent attending to household chores and familial issues. Dissatisfaction may seep in, and you may focus only on the negative sides of your relationship with your spouse. Health needs watching.



Gemini sign people will toil a little harder at the office to complete pending tasks. You may take on others’ work willingly in order to help them. As a result of which, your colleagues as well as your boss will be impressed with you. A social gathering is indicated in which you are likely to contribute financially. You may visit a religious place or feed the poor in front of a temple. You will eat very good food today and enjoy a deep sleep. Money will flow in.



Cancer sign people will receive pending payments and the money that loan takers owe to them.  This is a favourable day to get all kinds of dues cleared. The focus of the day will be on family members and the household. You may feel some kind of physical discomfort in the morning. If you take it easy on the work front and take some rest, you are likely to feel better in the afternoon. A family youngster may disturb the peace of the family members.



Leo sign people will carry on working with an astute professional wisdom and a practical approach. They are likely to succeed in clearing the backlog in a major way. This is a highly favourable day for money-related issues. You may even win a big lottery if you try. Pending payments will get cleared very suddenly. If you appear in an interview, your performance will be highly appreciated. You may be given the job offer instantly. Business partners may plan a new scheme and work to refine it.



Virgo sign people need to maintain an account of the outflow and inflow of money. There is a need to control your spending. There will be too many things to pay attention to at work as a result of which this may become a hectic day. You may not get even a single moment’s rest. You must share your thoughts with your spouse and do not create a communication gap. Your younger sibling might do something to add comfort to your life. Health needs watching.



Libra sign people are likely to receive sudden work offers and also the related payments. This is an auspicious day when it comes to money-related matters. You may even win a lottery if you try. If you appear in an interview, your performance will be highly appreciated. The second half of the day will be very pleasant. A friend may give you a surprise and you all may go out for a party. You may indulge in luxury shopping or buy some kind of gadget.




Scorpio sign people will make progress in all their projects and achieve stability. The phase of chaos and instability will get over on account of your persistent efforts. Your focus will be on relationships and you may spend a considerable time with your family elders bringing more comfort to their life. Lovers and married couples will find comfort in each other’s company. Somebody may pay a surprise visit and also bring an exotic item as a gift.



Sagittarius sign people will be in an ambitious form when it comes to work and achieving their targets.  Their luck is shining bright so they will also succeed in fulfilling their goals. If you applied for a licence or some kind of permission, it would be granted very easily. You may do things that may bring you in the limelight in your group of known people. Students will have to toil a little harder in order to keep their teacher happy. Prayer brings immediate relief from anxiety.



Capricorn sign people may continue to deal with their frail health and some kind of discomfort. Your boss’s expectations may create some additional stress on your mind. You may contribute to a social welfare project involving distribution of food or woollen items to the poor. Be attentive to your partner’s feelings and expectations from you. Do not divulge secrets to even close friends.



Aquarius sign people will prove lucky in getting new business deals finalised as per their terms and conditions especially, if they are exporters. You may plan several new projects with your associates and they will all prove highly gainful in the near future. If you appear in an interview for a job, you will give an excellent performance and may be given the selection letter instantly. Lovers or married couples will reach new heights in their bond of love and togetherness.



Pisces sign people are likely to remain on their toes throughout the day. They may not get even a single moment’s rest. You may be asked by a friend for financial help involving a large sum or a household gadget may stop working and demand immediate replacement. Something encouraging will happen in the workplace which will rejuvenate your spirits. You may set out on a business or leisure trip as the stars are favourable for that. Health needs watching.

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