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How I Became a Superhero End Declared: The Torch Is Over



How I Became a Superhero End Declared: The Torch Is Over

France is bringing in their own group of superheroes, it seems. They are no less than many of the super friends around the world we see today. The movie How I Became a Superhero was a classic superhero story to tell. Something like any superhero movie we have. Individuals who run away to be a hero. Wrong people who want to be a hero. The main superhero who feels guilty but tries to make things right. Everything was played perfectly as it is used in superhero movies. Still, some questions need answers about how they went. So here’s the end of How I Became a Superhero, well explained.

How I Became A Superhero is set in a world where humans and those with superpowers coexist. The movie gives us some kind of X-Men storyline vibes. But the opposite. In X-Men we have people running away from the mutants, like in those with super powers. But here in How I Became a Superhero, normal people want to be like them. This even leads them to take desperate measures and create a drug that can transfer one superpower to another.

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How I Became a Superhero Plot Summary

How I Became A Superhero is set in the streets of Paris with the kidnapping of Eclipso. A superhero with powers to dazzle another individual. The next thing we see is his powers being transferred to another individual. In this world of superheroes, not everyone is endowed with powers. But everyone wants to be the heroes on TV. So a drug starts spinning around the city that can grant individuals a limited amount of powers for a limited time. But this often leads to havoc when these individuals cannot control them.

How I Became a Superhero End Declared: The Torch Is Over

From How I Became a Superhero with Pio Marmaï as Gary Moreau and Vimala Pons as Cécile Schaltzmann

Detectives Gary and Cecile began a rocky relationship and began investigating this drug. This leads some students to take it, and eventually save them. To gain more insight into this drug, Gary approaches his old police friend Monte. Meanwhile, we realize that a man named Naja is smuggling these tubes that contain superpowers. Gary also gets help from Callista, who has the power to see into the future, but she refuses to help.

Naja works to kidnap a girl named Lily, who can make the thunder come out of her eyes. An investigation soon leads Gary and Cecile to one of Naja’s prominent smugglers. So Naja and his men attack the police station to save their boy while nearly killing Cecile. Until Gary uses his superpowers to float her in the air to save her. Meanwhile, Naja on the other hand manages to get his boy out and realizes Gary’s powers. But somehow he kills the boy because he got caught in the process. Naja also goes ahead and kidnaps more superhero kids and steals their powers. These include a girl named Lily and students from Callista. The next target is Gary.

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How I Became a Superhero End Explained

Gary’s past

Throughout the film we see Gary’s past unfold and reveal why, despite the fact that he has superpowers, and he doesn’t use them. The dark past is revealed towards the end of How I Became a Superhero. Callista tells this story to Cecile. There was a time when Callista and her friends Monte and another superhero named Gigaman were on a super team. They called themselves the Pack Royale. Their job was to help the police and the government and catch criminals. They saw Gary do the same and realized that he also has super powers.

Gary's past explained

From How I Became a Superhero with Pio Marmaï as Gary Moreau and Clovis Cornillac as Gigaman

So, Pack Royale invited Gary to their team. Gigaman believed in him, but Gary isn’t working on controlling his powers. This leads Gigaman to desperately measure up as he hunts a criminal. He just asks Gary to hide while he will take care of the situation. The criminal holds Gigaman at gunpoint. Gary wants to help and uses his powers to attack criminals, but the shot is taken. It doesn’t hit Gigaman but the cylinders behind him. This leads to a large explosion that kills Gigaman. Now the girl who kidnapped Naja is none other than Gigaman’s daughter, and Gary has more motivation to work.

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