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How The Suicide Squad differs from Guardians of the Galaxy



How The Suicide Squad differs from Guardians of the Galaxy

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Warner Bros. offered Gunn his choice of DC characters, some of which he considered before settling in The Suicide Squad.

“I was toying with a few different ideas about a few different DC properties, and this was the one that just took off and I just fell in love with this particular story that we’re telling right now,” Gunn says. “I fell in love with some of the characters and the way we can do that and being able to tell a super villain movie like this in a very different way.”

Doing things “a different way” has been a hallmark of Gunn’s career, noting that his hopes with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise have been to “do a space opera in a completely different way.” That now goes to The Suicide Squad with the hopes of making a different kind of war film… one with misfit supervillains as central figures.

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And while the characters in The Suicide Squad perhaps as obscure, quirky, and unusual as the ones Gunn played with in his other famous franchise, there’s one key difference to remember.

“I think with the Guardians you start to know that they may have different issues, but in the end they’re all really good people,” he says. “That’s not the case here” [movie]. This is a much more complicated story. Some of these characters may end up being good, some are definitely not good, and most are somewhere in between different shades of gray.”

Gunn has said from the start that his plan was to treat The Suicide Squad like a war movie. And as in any war movie, you have to expect casualties.

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