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How to watch the Gossip Girl reboot online?



How to watch the Gossip Girl reboot online?

Gossip Girl 2021 release date and time

The Gossip Girl reboot is streaming now, after premiering Thursday, July 8 at 3 p.m. ET on HBO Max.

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You know you love her – it’s time to watch the Gossip Girl reboot online. The HBO Max reboot is streaming now! The new series focuses on a new generation of wealthy private school teenagers, whose lives are chronicled by an all-seeing eye. Their heartbreak, betrayal, new romances, inappropriate hookups and family dysfunction are spread online for everyone to read. The tea is about to be spilled.

However, things have changed since the original series. Eight years after the original series, the Gossip Girl reboot will feature a much more diverse cast, a transformed city, and a completely different social media landscape. None of the OG cast members reprise their roles, but Kristen Bell returns to narrate as Gossip Girl.

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