Jonas Brothers Family Roast: Priyanka Chopra's BEST moments as she mercilessly trolls husband Nick Jonas

*Spoiler Alert* The Jonas Brothers Family Roast recently premiered on Netflix and it saw Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas take on the task of becoming the subjects for a hilarious roast session that was hosted by Kenan Thompson and also saw their wives Priyanka Chorpa, Danielle Jonas and Sophie Turner in attendance. The guest stars on the show included comedians like Lily Singh, Pete Davidson, Jack Whitehall whereas John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Niall Horan also made cameos. 

Among the most hilarious bits of the show was when Jonas Brothers‘ wives took to the stage to troll their husbands and while there’s no denying that while all three of the J sisters killed it, we couldn’t help but laugh the loudest at the killer burns hurled by Priyanka Chopra at her husband Nick Jonas during the show. From making a pregnancy joke to name-dropping Chris Hemsworth, Priyanka showed off her amazing comic side during her segment. Let’s take a look at her best roasting moments from the show. 

Priyanka Chopra’s funny pregnancy announcement 

Don’t rush to conclusions just yet. Priyanka Chopra isn’t pregnant but the actress did scare her husband Nick Jonas a tad bit when she cracked a joke saying she’s expecting. After Priyanka jokingly mentioned her pregnancy, she also pointed out Nick’s stunned expression and it was undeniably one of the most priceless moments from the show. 

Priyanka Chopra’s admission of a celebrity crush

While at first gushing about her husband, the 39-year-old actress mentioned that she wouldn’t want to be married to anyone else but Nick and then hilariously further added unless Chris Hemsworth was single. Priyanka seemed to reveal how massive a celebrity crush she has on the Thor actor. 

The ‘most famous’ Jonas 

Priyanka Chopra who boasts of a massive fan following of 70.5 million Instagram, trolled husband Nick and his brothers stating that her follower count is more than their combined numbers. She then proudly declared herself to be the “most famous” Jonas. 

Priyanka Chopra jokes about her age gap with Nick 

If there’s one thing that the whole world has discussed about Priyanka and Nick, it’s certainly their 10-year age gap. Poking fun at the same, the Matrix: Resurrections star revealed how their age difference has given an opportunity for them to learn from each other. Chopra joked that while she’s learned TikTok from Nick, he has learned what it is like to have a successful acting career. 

Priyanka’s dig at Nick Jonas’ unending self-obsession

All through the roast, there were multiple mentions of how self-obsessed Nick is and Priyanka also added to it by revealing that if there’s one thing common between her and Nick, it’s their “love for Nick Jonas.” 

We loved Priyanka Chopra’s sassy burns on Jonas Brothers Family Roast. Share with us your favourite moments from the show in the comments below. 

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