Know about filming locations for Underworld Awakening

At the launch of the 2012 Underworld franchise ‘Underworld Awakening’, the deadly vampire Selene is resurrected after more than a decade in a coma. As her daughter, a powerful hybrid, becomes the subject of violent abduction by the Lycans, Selene must fight to get to his core and get his daughter out.

The film brings back all the explosive combat that the franchise is so famous for, in its black signature black industrial world that is anonymous and not just known as the “city.” Want to know where ‘Underworld: Awakening’ was filmed? You’ve come to the right place. “Underworld Awakening.”

Filming Locations for Underworld Awakening


A city name without the name ‘Underworld Awakening’ was made in British Columbia, Canada, where the film was shot and in the studio. To be the first movie in the series to be filmed in 3D, a number of cameras, some of which are still in place, had to be tested, causing a lot of excitement among residents. The main shooting began in March 2011 and continued into May. Let’s take a closer look at some of the filming locations.

Vancouver, British Colombia

The movie Underworld Awakening was largely shot in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Many of the unnamed city’s suburban plazas are captured here, using many paved roads and roads. The recording took place on Hamilton Street, West Hastings Street and West Pender Street. A tunnel adjacent to the Rogers Building, located at 470 Granville Street, has also been used for the project.

The Simon Fraser University campus at 515 West Hastings Street in Vancouver was also used to shoot several scenes, such as the Costco parking lot at Rogers Arena at 800 Griffiths Way.

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Burnaby, British Columbia

Shooting also took place in the British Columbia town of Burnaby, primarily on the Simon Fraser University Campus at 8888 University Drive. Scenes featuring the infamous Antigen Research Center that the Lycans use as before were widely filmed here using many university buildings. WAC

The Bennett Library has doubled as Antigen’s headquarters, while the research center grounds can be seen using the External Convocation Mall on the campus. Another building, the Transport Center, was also used as a base for parts of the Antigen Selene building.

Bridge Studios, located at 2400 Boundary Road, has been used to accommodate a wide variety of indoor movie studios. Many of the film’s special effects were created in these studios, including the use of green screens and a thin wire.

Other places in British Columbia

The base of the vampire Selene and his daughter Eve were initially sheltered but later captured by the Licans, which was demonstrated using the Seymour Falls Dam on the Seymour River. The main building is located on Seymour Falls Dam Road in the city of North Vancouver, directly across from Burrard Inlet to Vancouver.