Know about the difficult divorce of Erika and Tom in this season “RHOBH”


Viewers were shocked to learn of Erika and Tom Girardi’s divorce when they watched Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who apparently had an amazing marriage. People wondered if their 33-year gap was the reason for their divorce and as they prepared to watch season 11 of RHOBH, it seemed like fans would find answers.

Know about the difficult divorce of Erika and Tom

As the season progresses, there are already good details about the breakup of Erika and Tom’s divorce. Let’s take a look.

Some fans want Erika to leave the show and the divorce is definitely weird.

Erika has a new lawyer, according to Us Weekly, and there have been some legal issues. The letter states that Tom and Erika have been charged and allegedly stole money from the families of the victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash.

In Episode 6 of Season 11, Sutton holds the included members for lunch in Paris at his place (which is basically Kyle’s house since he rents it). Aside from the chance to see this beautiful house again, with its black and white checkered floors and a really nice feel, this was a chance to hear Erika talk about her divorce.

Erika wanted to talk to the “elephant in the room” and said, “My life has changed a lot this week” and “I left my 16,000-square-foot house. I left my house.” When he told the camera, “I left because you pushed me further and further.” She explained that she and Tom had stopped talking and could tell it was time to leave.

Erika explained that she didn’t tell her friends because she didn’t want them to be “in a bad mood” and that they had to keep something a secret. He said he could say he was going to leave the marriage for a while, but that was the best thing for him.

Erika said Tom didn’t seem concerned about making it work and explained on the program that he never had a chance to be in danger or talk about his feelings.

It was interesting that the fans heard, as in the few episodes Tom did, that he seemed to love Erika and was proud of her. But Erika showed a different side of the marriage when she said she didn’t want to talk about her feelings.

Erika also revealed that she filed for divorce on the occasion of US Election Day in November 2020, hoping that would mean no one would talk about it, but everyone was still talking.

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In Episode 11, Episode 7 of RHOBH, Sutton has proven to be Erika’s best friend, especially at this point in her life. As someone who has lived through her divorce, Sutton says she needs to stay involved in community programs.

The two friends went to the spa for cryotherapy, Sutton asked if Erika was upset that Tom hadn’t gone to New York City to see her play in Chicago on Broadway. Sutton said Tom was sorry and Erika said no. He said it was absurd that he couldn’t even visit for 24 hours because why didn’t he want to see his wife do it? It was heartbreaking to watch the incident as he appeared to be in a lot of pain.

She says her marriage is not the same as Kyle and Mauricio’s and that it is difficult for her to understand.

Fans saw Erika move into a new apartment, and although it was much smaller than the house she and Tom lived in, it was nice, pretty and comfortable.

She also revealed that she hadn’t told Tom she was leaving. He said, “I drove him and told him I loved him. And he said, ‘Thank you, their,’ I said I was a worker. I left, went to my new place, slept there, fed the next morning.”

As for what other Real House moms think about divorce, Kyle Richards said it was a “challenging” time for Erika. She told E! News: “Honestly, she woke up every day to be in the news and just, well, looking at her life… I don’t know. For lack of a better name, falling before her eyes. It was a 20 year marriage and all that happened in the news and in the courts “It happened when we were all together. So a lot of things are coming out and it’s going to be a very difficult season for him.”