Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3, 8 November 2021, Written Update: Sanjana provokes Mrs. Verma


In today’s episode, Dev tells Sonakshi that he is having body ache. Sonakshi comes near Dev and starts giving him massage on his shoulder. Dev compliments her hands and says that it’s like magic. Sonakshi says ‘Thank You’ and Dev replies that Shubh also loves her massages. Dev says that he does not want to go away from her hands. Sonakshi applies some pressure on Dev’s shoulder. Then Dev tells her that during Diwali, he saw Ayush and Shubh team up against Suhana during game. And it felt bad because she was alone. And sometimes he think that Suhana should have a team partner. Sonakshi asks him what does he mean, Dev replies that they should have baby girl for Suhana. 

Sonakshi while massaging puts pressure on his shoulder. Dev scolds Sonakshi that she hurts him and now it’s his turn. He then starts tickling Sonakshi. Meanwhile, Sanjana was in Mr. Verma’s house, she asks him about Suhana’s health. Mr. Verma replies that Dixit family treats there all the kids equally. Sanjana says that this is not correct why they are sitting just like this and doing nothing. Mrs. Verma comes there and says that they only want to meet kids when Dev and Ishwari allows us. Sanjana tells them that they should do something about this. While, Ishwari comes to Dev and shows him a drawing which is made by Suhana. Dev compliments her drawing and says to Ishwari and Sonakshi that now they should tell Suhana about Sanjana being her aunt.

Sonakshi gets worried because Suhana is little. Meanwhile, Suhana comes there and asks her what is she doing. Sonakshi hugs her and Ayush and Shubh comes there. Suhana asks Sonakshi that whom she loves the most. Ayush replies that its you our parents loves you the most. Suhana gets happy and goes to play game with Ayush and Shubh.

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