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Radhe leaked online, Full HD 1080P available for free download




Radhe leaked online, Full HD 1080P available for free download

Radhe leaked online, Full HD 1080P available for free download

Hindi Film Radhe download leaked online: Many asked to talk about the trailer of the Salman starrer Radhe and here I do. First, the fact that this is being directed by Prabhu Deva was good enough for me to set very low expectations for the trailer. The icing on the cake is the fact that it has Salman Khan. Before I go deeper into the trailer itself, let’s first look at the flow of the trailer.

First they talk about drugs in the city of Mumbai, then there is an introduction from the villains, then the administration gets desperate to get things under control, and as expected someone shouts that this is not the job for a normal cop and that it must be someone special named Radhe. There is no other person in town who can do it.

Let me stop here and ask you if this sounds familiar to you? This is of course the same worn or my favorite Hindi word usage ‘ghisapita’ series of storylines that we’ve seen in almost all police stories since childhood. Then the trailer goes on to build up the Radhe introduction by saying that he has had 97 encounters and that he has his own weird way of dealing with the criminals. Sallu opens his mouth and starts off with some weird punchy dialogues about bladder, kidneys and liver.

Radhe leaked online, Full HD 1080P available for free download

By then I was wondering who the heroine is and does she have anything to do in this plot? Yes, there is Disha Patani they introduce like they always do, through an item number, yes the one with the cringe-worthy line Seeti But and that’s it, she disappears. This is followed by some action scenes, a hero / villain fight and an exchange
of poorly written dialogues between them.

The villain here is Randeep Hooda who is otherwise a great actor who has been reduced to a caricature in this trailer and possibly the movie. It seemed like they had a schoolboy write the dialogues for this movie, or they might have involved that infamous team that dub movies from the South for a living. That was the immaturity of the dialogues in this trailer.

It almost seemed as if the writers, whoever they were, had deliberately tried to make it all sound super silly. Salman Khan, who has faced poker in every frame for most of his career, must have had it very easy here too. I feel really bad for all the technicians and the people behind the camera who work so hard for content like that, knowing it’s full of rubbish.

Think about it, COVID has literally bankrupted many filmmakers and actors and a lot comes to someone like Salman to bring back all the enthusiasm for the audience to go back to theaters to give that much needed nudge to Hindi cinema . I know this is a very sensitive time in India due to the COVID 2nd wave and going to the cinema is the last thing on people’s minds but when things are back to normal the only way commercial cinema can bounce back when the like Salman are working on the right content to draw a decent audience to the movies.

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Starting with the name, immature dialogues and Salman’s predictable swag, this movie has written flop all over the place. Let’s talk a little bit about our beloved Prabhu Deva. This guy occasionally choreographs songs that could win national awards or go super viral, like Rowdy baby, but when he decides to direct the movie in Hindi, oh man, I don’t even know where to start.

He usually chooses a film from the south and nasality the lake with all the nonsensical jokes and sensitivities. In this case, instead of a South Indian movie, he chose a South Korean movie called the Outlaws. This movie is on Amazon Prime and is an extraordinarily well-made crime action movie directed by the first-timer Kang Yoon-sung. Although this was a commercial entertainer, most of the frames looked realistic.

I could clearly see in the trailer itself how the killer combo Prabhu Deva and Salman Khan massacred this original movie through forced Salman swags, massive conversations, a heroine to just add a few item numbers and potentially glorify some crappy scenes
Salman and his shirtless appearance.

Another thing Prabhu Deva does is he chooses devi sri prasad number like ringa ringa and hindifies it as dinga chika, dinga chika. In Radhe’s case, he did the same for another Telugu song called seeti maar. Now I can continue to criticize what Prabhu Deva does as a director, but when you consider the box office results of his previous films, such as the Rohit Shetty and David Dhavan films, they have all benefited immensely, even with gloomy IMDB ratings. Since masala movies always have a market in India, it will be interesting to see what this decade will look like for these movies.

Friends as I am ending this video, I know that most of you may feel that this trailer is rather silly and out of line with 2021 India sensibilities. I would like to understand better what you think of such a film in today’s age? Do you think there are still people for such content?

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