Recap of ‘Superman and Lois’: Episode 12 – Interview with Alex Garfin


As you may recall from the June 22 cliffhanger, we left Superman in a pretty precarious position; the Man of Steel had just agreed to submit to Tal- and Zeta-Rho in exchange for the safety of his own family. But before the Kryptonian bad guys had a chance to bring Zod’s consciousness into Kal-El’s body, he made contact with Jordan, who was able to relay his father’s location to the military.

Still, Alex Garfin (aka Jordan) isn’t ready to celebrate his character’s hold on his abilities. “Right now, Jordan’s powers are still more of a liability than just an asset,” Garfin says. “In Episode 6 we saw that he thought having powers meant that all his problems were solved. Really, it just pushed people further away.”

One person who will always be by Jordan’s side is, of course, his brother, who also played the hero this week by standing up to John Henry Irons and urging him to find a non-lethal way to stop his father.

“Jonathan’s superpower is his courage and his love for everyone around him,” explains Garfin. “Without Jonathan, Jordan couldn’t do anything. And without Jordan, I don’t know if Jonathan would be who he is. Even though he has no powers, he is often the superstar of the family.”

This week’s episode was also part of David Ramsey’s tour of the Arrowverse, which had stopped by earlier Legends of tomorrow on June 27 and The flash on July 6. This time, Diggle served as a military advisor, someone who wasn’t happy that deadly ARGUS technology was being used to fight Superman. He even called out Oliver’s name, claiming that the man formerly known as the Green Arrow might have found another way to save the day.

“I had a quick scene with [Diggle] where Jonathan and I run in to have a look at him, but I don’t really know if it’s clipped or not,” says Garfin, adding: “Anyway, it’s done! It was great working with David Ramsey as a director [in Episode 7] and then as an actor. I went straight to him and asked, “How can actors make it easier for directors?” I do that in every department. I’m by far the youngest on set and the newest on set, so it means a lot of things may not go the way I want, but it also means I can improve the most.”

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Another breathtaking moment came when an emotional Lois revealed to John Henry Irons that Superman really is (gasp!) her husband Clark, a twist that was immediately Garfin’s seal of approval.

“John Henry Irons is one of my favorite characters on the show,” he says. “His whole arc of redemption was very interesting. So anything that brings him closer to the herd, I’m all for that.”

Elsewhere this week, the Cushings have adapted to life as Smallville’s newest outcasts. (Shocker: These simple folks don’t understand the concept of alien manipulation, so they choose to put all the blame on Lana.) We were worried that this already vulnerable family couldn’t handle a public scandal, but they seemed closer than ever to it. end of the hour.

Finally, Tal-Rho is now safely in government possession, but if those flickering eyes in the final moments of the episode were any indication, his reign of terror is far from over.

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