Salim Khan narrates the events of how Salman Khan was bitten by a snake

Salman Khan was reported to have been bitten by a snake while at his Panvel farmhouse today. The actor was immediately rushed to a medical centre for an antidote and is now back home, resting. 

Talking about the incident, his father Salim Khan said, “We were definitely worried when it happened and Salman rushed to the nearest medical centre to get an injection that is needed in such cases. Thankfully it turned out that the snake was not poisonous.”

Salman Khan

He also added that the staff captured the snake to evaluate how poisonous it was and when found safe was released in the jungle, “The staff came racing when Salman got bitten and they caught the reptile in question. But I have always told them not to kill the non-poisonous snakes. So after we got to know that the one which had bitten Salman was not carrying any poison, we released the snake back into the jungle area, a little away but at a safe distance from our farmhouse.”

We wish Salman a speedy recovery. 

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