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Shweta Tiwari’s estranged husband Abhinav Kohli opened up about having a ‘message conversation’ with her ex-husband Raja Chaudhary after his separation from the actress. Abhinav said that he did not confide in Raja about his marital problems, but their conversation was initiated by the latter.

Abhinav talked about Shweta’s daughter Palak meeting Raja after 13 years. Shweta and Raja divorced due to alleged domestic violence and Palak lived with her mother after the separation. Abhinav said that he was happy to see Palak meeting Raja and said that it was a message for Shweta to let him see his son. Ever since their separation due to alleged domestic violence, Abhinav has said that Shweta has not allowed him to see their son Reyansh.

In the interview with SpotBoyE, Abhinav was asked whether he reached out to Raja during their marital problems. “It’s not at all true. I definitely had a message conversation with Raja but the first one to initiate was him,” adding that he told him ‘everything’ about the ‘drama.’

“The pattern he and I had to go through. I told him that I used to think that you were wrong but today I realise that even I am being separated from my child. I will not say Raja was perfect and Shweta was at fault during their split. But I would definitely say one thing which is common between me and him that our children were forcefully separated. And depression of being separated from the child is very severe which I can tell you by my own experience,” he added.

In a recent interview, Shweta had talked about the trauma faced by her children while seeing her go through domestic violence. She added that Palak had seen her getting beaten up and Reyansh was aware of police an court at four. At this, Abhinav had hit back at Shweta, saying she tried to get him arrested at his father’s death anniversary.

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