‘South Park: Post Covid’ Film Paints Stark, Bland (Hilarious) Pandemic Future


[This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post Covid.]

It is going to be a long 40 years — at least that is how South Park sees it concerning the pandemic.

South Park: Post Covid, the first of 14 made-for-TV films from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, premiered Thursday exclusively on Paramount+, giving a stark, bland outlook on the future — albeit in hilarious fashion from the show’s creators.

Without going into too much detail here, the hourlong special (part one of two which will drop on the streaming service next month) catches up the characters of South Park 40 years down the road when they are very nearly out of the pandemic — but not really at all.

Among the mockery targets in South Park: Post Covid are Aaron Rodgers, the general unvaccinated population and woke culture; the movement having gone so far in the future that jokes no longer exist so no one can be offended.

There is also a great bit about Stan’s Amazon Alexa device acting as a combative girlfriend who occasionally tells him about products he should add to his shopping cart; a take on the A.I. character played by Ana de Armas in Blade Runner 2049. Actually, there are a few Blade Runner nods in the movie. South Park: Post Covid also features a deep-cut Beverly Hills Cop reference

The plot of the made-for-tv film revolves around Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny teaming up once again — along with some other familiar faces — in an attempt to finally end the pandemic. The movie is technically the second South Park film from the duo, the first being 1999’s South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, an Oscar-nominated theatrical release.

Parker and Stone inked a new mega-deal in August, which runs through 2027 and includes 14 exclusive Paramount+ projects along with the flagship series being renewed through season 30.

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