Tejasswi Prakash Thanks Devoleena Bhattacharjee for Supporting Her in ‘Ticket To Finale’ Task

In Bigg Boss 15’s latest episode, the Ticket to Finale task has caused some visible rifts and changing dynamics in the house. One of the equations that seem to be affected is that of Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. Tejasswi attempted to talk to Karan several times regarding the task, but it appeared that their relationship deteriorated significantly.

While Karan labelled Rakhi Sawant “unfair,” Tejasswi decided to show faith in the latter, who has pledged her support in the game.Tejasswi, unable to save their relationship, seeks advice from Devoleena Bhattacharjee. In previous Weekend Ka Vaar episodes with Salman Khan, Tejasswi was often reminded by him that she has done well in the show in terms of trying to build a relationship with everyone in the house.

Devoleena did her best to comfort a sobbing Tejasswi and reminded what Salman Khan said about her. She also told Abhijeet Bichukale and Rakhi that Tejasswi is infact a nice person. However, the root of the issue remains not the lack of relationships Tejasswi has in the house but the loss of support from Karan.

According to Tejasswi, Karan has an issue with Rakhi cheating her way to victory. Karan has stated that he would not back Rakhi and her unfair means which also involves Tejasswi. This along with the realisation that it could make her relationship with him untenable leads to Tejasswi breaking down in tears.

However, Karan is visibly annoyed by what’s panned out and walks out of the conversation with Tejasswi, saying, “Goodluck, babe. You are having a conversation that’s convenient for you. Tejasswi Prakash, you will do anything to win an argument.”

Tejasswi, who cries profusely on hearing that, replied, “Remember, you walked away, not me.” Karan responded, “For the camera?”

Devoleena, who has been witnessing all this, assured Tejasswi that playing solo will strengthen her as an individual and the incident could be a learning lesson for her. Tejasswi, who is inconsolable said, “I have been here for so many weeks building a relationship. You have come to this house and it has been a few weeks. You are playing for me and nobody else.”

It remains to be seen whether Tejasswi will, in fact, be left alone and whether Karan and Tejasswi are able to mend their relationship in the remaining season.

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