The Big Picture, 26th December 2021, Written Update: Ranveer Singh plays basketball hanging upside down

In today’s episode, Bharti Singh and Haarsh Limbachiyaa come back Ranveer Singh’s The Big Picture for light entertainment. Bharti talks about Ranveer’s film 83’s success and asks Ranveer how he feels after giving back-to-back hit movies. She also asks about his life with Deepika. Ranveer says he takes lovely selfies and does everything to make his wife happy. Haarsh and Bharti make Ranveer play basketball but with a twist. Haarsh plays first hanging upside down, followed by Ranveer. The duo leaves after promoting their new show ‘Indian Game Show.’

Ranveer Singh welcomes Induben Surendra Singh Rajput, a woman hailing from Rajasthan. She has a beautiful family of three daughters and a husband. She explains how her family struggled with financial issues during the lockdown period. Induben further adds that after trying and testing different business ideas, her younger daughter proposed starting a fast-food center as the former is a fantastic cook. Induben says that with the help of her family, she tried various recipes, among which ‘Vada Pav’ wins the race. She has started her own business named ‘Chilli N Cheese.’ Ranveer asks for her ‘Big Picture,’ and she elaborates that her shop is on rent presently. She wishes to win 20 lakhs in the game to buy her shop and expand the business further. 

Induben begins to play the quiz. Indu also says she wants to start as a superstar like Ranveer; the latter wishes her for more wins. Induben also shares about a hard time when she had five to six cracks in her ribs and was completely bedridden. She declares that her family is her strength and had been her eyes during the injury.

Moreover, Induben prepares a ‘Vada Pav’ for Ranveer; he sits on the floor to eat. He named the ‘Vada Pav’ as ‘Spicy Simba Vada Pav’ and distributed it to the crowd.

Unfortunately, Induben loses the game towards the end. Ranveer cheers her up and requests the audience to visit ‘Chilli N Cheese’ for tasty ‘Vada Pavs.’

We watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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