The Many Saints of Newark: Release Date & Story

From the brilliant mind of David Chase comes the highly anticipated prequel to The Sopranos, The Many Saints of Newark (2021). The Sopranos is a popular mafia crime drama that centers on Tony Soprano’s life of crime and his disturbing personal life. The Many Saints of Newark will tell us how Tony was always meant to be what he is today.

The Sopranos has been a great watch. It had this classic Mafia Crime Boss air about it. Like the godfather, the characters of The Sopranos are layered. They have a strange human side to them that makes them successful characters rather than downright killers.

It’s been so long since we’ve seen the much-loved Crime Drama. The original six-season TV show was also a rich cultural experience. This emerging company of David Chase, The Sopranos creator and director Alan Taylor seems to be taking us back to the past where it all began.

Plot of The Many Saints of Newark

The Many Saints of Newark focuses on the life of young Tony. The prequel is set in times of race riots. Tony’s troubled relationship with his mother and a strong bond with his uncle Dickie Moltisanti are the two main components of this prequel.

Tony’s fate

The Many Saints of Newark: Release Date |  Story
Tony Sopranos will return in 2021 with The Many Saints of Newark

Tony’s entry into the world of violence is something the prequel treats with the utmost care and importance. Tony never really had a choice. He was destined to become who he is. His entire family played their part to ensure that his path is not different from others.

That Tony is disturbingly capable of violence is apparent from the start. The trailer shows that he has an extremely high mood. He often engages in raw hand-to-hand combat. The way he beats anyone who disturbs him in the least underlines his aggressive criminal spirit.

“There are many echoes [in the film] in the kind of paternal relationship Tony had with Christopher,” director The Many Saints of Newark Alan Taylor tells IGN. “And that’s kind of the real cycle, I think because Christopher’s father was like a father to Tony in many ways. And then Tony stands up and becomes like a father figure to Christopher – with a very complex outcome. And cycles repeat, cycles that you cannot escape.

And one of the themes of the show and one of the themes of our movie is how locked into our cycles are we? How determined are we? Can we write our destiny or not? And to me that’s kind of what the movie is [is about]. Everyone who comes to the movies knows Tony and knows where Tony has gone. So in a way he’s kind of in a closed cycle.”

Dickie Moltisanti

The film goes back to the distant post where it all started. In The Sopranos we’ve seen that Tony is already a mob boss and often heard that his Uncle Dickie was his mentor. It’s Tony’s good relationship with Dickie’s son Christopher.

Now this film will tell the story of Dickie Motlisanti. Although he seemed to be a restless person, he formed a strong relationship with Tony. In many ways he became Tony’s idol. This is the story of Dickie, in which Tony is the main character.

In a racially torn city, Dickie is increasingly becoming a problem for many. His rise and presence both seem to pose a looming threat to many.

It’s entirely possible when Dickie is the one who didn’t let Tony escape the world of crime in the first place. There is a scene in the trailer where Tony says he wants to go to college. His uncle tells Tony to tell himself this the last time he will steal. Simply put, Dickie’s influence on Tony’s life is undeniable.

Livia Soprano

a glimpse of Newark's many saints
Featuring a scene from the crime drama, The Many Saints of Newark

Tony’s relationship with his mother is unhealthy and toxic. The Sopranos projects Livia as an extremely mean, manipulative, loveless woman who seems to have unimaginable rights. In no way does she ever regret her past actions.

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While Dickie shaped Tony’s philosophical side as a mob boss, the way his mother treated him creates the pattern of his behavior and psychological pattern. Her finicky dominant nature made her emotionally unavailable and made her disapprove of everyone.

The film shows a young Livia who shares a striking physical resemblance to Carmela, who later became Tony’s wife.

Tony is always shown to be after women who are not emotional towards him. This tells the viewer how the toxic relationship with his mother has been the deciding factor for his psychological structure.

Where it all started

The film takes us back to Newark, New Jersey, the birthplace of this Italian-American crime family. An unstable society, with hatred spreading everywhere, clashes between Italian Americans and African Americans, riots, increasing crime – all this provided the perfect basis for Tony’s emergence as a violent mobster.

Tony’s rise is seen as a threat to another mafia family – The Di Meos. As the film progresses, we’ll see Tony come to grips with the problematic stuff and emerge as the sassy and dark person he should have become.

The ensemble cast of The Many Saints of Newark

with the cast of the many saints of Newark
The extremely talented cast of The Sopranos prequel

The film has a cast that includes Michael Gandolfini (The Deuce) who plays Tony Soprano, a creepy young version of the iconic role of the actor’s late father, James Gandolfini.

The mafia drama also stars Alessandro Nivola as Dickie Moltisanti (Christopher’s father), Jon Bernthal as Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, Corey Stoll as Junior Soprano, Vera Farmiga as Tony’s mother Livia Soprano, Billy Magnussen as Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri and John Magaro as Silvio Dante. Ray Liotta can be seen as “Hollywood”.

Release Date of The Many Saints of Newark

The film will be released on October 1, 2021.

Availability of The Many Saints of Newark

The film will be released in theaters and on HBO Max.


The Many Saints of Newark certainly caught our eye as a prequel to one of the greatest series of our time, The Sopranos. It is much more than just a crime drama. It’s an observation about how interpersonal relationships can shape the growing mind and how the tumultuous times always seem to produce people like Tony Soprano.

The upcoming prequel will hopefully be everything the trailer promises. Although the film is a prequel, it is perfectly capable of being a standalone film. So if you’re concerned that you don’t have the TV series, don’t be. Better to start with this.

Now that you know the details of the series, you can enjoy the movie.