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A decent horror movie

– Review

Navin Karthik is an honest cop who gets transferred from Chennai to a small forest region.  He moves there along with his family and resides in an old house opposite to a cemetery.

The family is scared to live there and search for a new home, but they are not able to find one and hence continue to reside there.

After taking charge in the new police station Navin comes to know about Karuppasamy, a ghost which is responsible for the death of many in the village.

Murders continue to happen and Navin starts to investigate them. Meanwhile, Navin’s family also experience paranormal activities.

What happens next forms the rest of the story. The premise taken by Sunil Dickson is interesting.

He has kept the proceedings intense with a touch of eeriness throughout. Nivin Karthik is impressive as the strict police officer, who is also a caring father and husband.

He does a decent job. John Vijay plays an important role in the movie and is different from his previous ones. Rest of the crew have also done their part well.

Music by Kalaiarasan is good. Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are passable.

Rating: 3.5/5
By Naveen

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