TMKOC, 25th November 2021, Written Update: Jethalal and gang in the lock up

In today’s episode, Jethalal, Taarak, Sodhi, and recovery agents get locked up in Inspector Pandey’s station. In the lock-up, the recovery agents and Jethalal got into an argument. The inspector intervenes. Taarak tells them to stop arguing and think about how they can get out of this situation. Taarak advises that instead of arguing, they solve the problem by talking, and informing the inspector of the same. 

The inspector becomes enraged, questioning how they could solve the case by talking to themselves. He claims that the court will decide how to punish them. When Taarak’s phone rings, he asks the inspector not to answer it. When the inspector answers the phone, it’s Baagha on the line. As he listens to the inspector’s voice, he feels that the agents have also taken Taarak’s phone and start to scold and warn the inspector. When the inspector reveals himself, Baagha apologizes.

When Baagha inquires about Jethalal, the inspector informs him that he is in custody. Baagha insists that the inspector allow him to speak with Jethalal. Baagha informs Jethalal that he has found the contractor and that he is with him in Jethalal’s godown. Jethalal asks Baagha to bring the contractor to the station. Everyone in the lock-up gets happy listening to the news. 

Baagha gets Santosh to the station. The contractor recognizes the inspector as Pandey. Santosh contractor introduces himself as the inspector’s friend from his village. The inspector recognizes the contractor and the two have a casual conversation about their village. Jethalal requests the inspector to leave them. Taarak says that since Santosh is from the Inspector’s village, he’ll be partial to Santosh only. The inspector makes it clear that he will not be biased towards anyone. The inspector asks Santosh about the complaint filed against Santosh. Santosh accepts that he received the payment from Jethalal, and he spent the money to help his workers in the Corona. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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