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Waah Zindagi Movie News, Cast & Crew and Release Date Details
Waah Zindagi Movie News, Cast & Crew and Release Date Details

Waah Zindagi movie is an upcoming Bollywood drama movie directed by Dinesh S Yadav. A retarded farmer’s son struggles to become a businessman to win over his childhood sweetheart. When he failed due to the Chinese occupied growth in the Indian market, he was determined to fight against it. Make in India is a war that tells the story of the industry. Called for a boycott of Chinese products in our market.

Cast & crew:

The movie with Sanjay Mishra, Plabita Borthakur, Naveen Kasturia, Vijay Raj and Manoj Joshi are the main characters. Wah Zindagi has produced by Ashok Chowdhury. The project was supported by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Dr. Ashwini Mahajan, Swadeshi Jagaran Munch (SJM) National Co-Convener produced the film Waah Zindagi under the banner of Shivaji Films and Entertainments.

Movie plot:

Waah Zindagi film is Hindi situation comedy with life story. About a fickle boy who is ready to redeem his history. This happens to be the first Hindi film about the government of India’s Make in India. He said he was writing the script after three years of research. The film revolves around the struggle and growth of the ceramic industry in India. The protagonist’s film is satirical by dark comedy, rampant water politics and international multinationals. The main character ends up with a Make in India initiative against China to redeem his love.

Teaser info:

The storyline revolves around Ashok’s childhood (8 years) to adolescence (35 years) while watching the movie teaser. Ashok tries to redeem his past that leads him. In his journey to become a businessman, he chose to revolutionize the Indian economy. However, his efforts are not fully visible. Wah Zindagi is a festival of life against all odds.


Release date details:

Although the film is finished and will hit theaters in mid-2020. Given the current scenario caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the creators are now trying to escape the OTT. After that, the filmmakers must decide on the film’s release date on December 17, 2021 in theaters.

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