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The couples have come from well-settled families, mix religious backgrounds, are highly educated, and upholds eminent professions. Their families support their dream marriage with no interruptions, they permit them to rearrange everything consistent with them they wished for. Let’s not forget that such weddings need an excellent bug of cash. Hence, the marriage organization makes all the possible efforts to please the expectations of couples, much diligence, and enthusiasm. Every single story has contained a special and alluring storyline like how & once they met.

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Let’s take a look at couples featured in the show:-

Aman Kapur and Divya Khandelwal, both decided to have an eco-friendly wedding, while their wedding took place in Bishangarh.

Nikhita Iyar and Mukund Chillankanti wished to have a traditional wedding following their culture.

Ami Panday and Nithin Zacharias both, the bride shared that she is one who proposed first and I’m happy to be with him as my decision was perfect.

Pallavi Bishnoi and Rajat Swarup, the cutest couple who demands equality, and the rest of the relatives exclaim that both are deemed for this wedding for so long.

Tyrone Bragana and Daniel Bauer, their wedding is commendable, and both come up strongest to accept their relationship in front of everyone.

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