Who is the Taskmaster in Black Widow?

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Set after the events of Captain America: Civil War, Black Widow tells one of the stories of Black Widow while in hiding from the government. An event that was supposed to cover her up quickly turned her back to where she came from. While she was busy being the poster superhero of the world, Red Room, those who tortured and trained her. Well, it was still running and taking in innocent girls. The one she thought she had killed during her search in Budapest. When it started chasing her in Black Widow, a new enemy did so in the form of Taskmaster. A character whose identity remains a mystery to most Marvel Comics. But in MCU, we quickly got clarity on who it could be.

The introduction of Taskmaster to the Marvel Universe turned out to be interesting. Especially for the non-comedic fans who may have seen him do some of their favorite superhero’s unexpected feats. The film opened its scene where he saw Avengers battles in CCTV footage of the Civil War and analyzed their movements. Then through the whole movie, chasing Natasha without saying anything. But Taskmaster did have a story, and it’s tied to a debt Natasha has carried for years. So let’s find out what happened.

Who is the Taskmaster in Black Widow?

So this big reveal of the person behind Taskmaster’s mask turned out to be Dreykov’s daughter. Antonia Dreykov (played by Olga Kurylenko) is the Taskmaster in Black Widow. So how? Antonia Dreykov’s transition to the action-mimicking super-villain comes from the time when Black Widow took the first shot at the Red Chamber. Time to go to the events of so-called Budapest, mentioned by Clint Barton in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Black Widow turned back the clock as a movie to tell us a guilt that Natasha has carried with her for years. On their mission in Budapest, Natasha had teamed up with Clint Barton to end the place that had been causing misery all her life. Taking down General Dreykov and the speculated Red Chamber once and for all. They had all the explosives set up and Barton was waiting for a signal from Natasha. At that time, together with him, she observed Dreykov’s innocent girl as in Antonia in the building. But instead of calling off the mission, she decided to signal Barton and leave Antonia with it as collateral damage.

The guilt Natasha carried with her grew worse when she realized that Dreykov somehow survived. But what about his daughter? This led the Black Widow and her team to Red Room, where Natasha finally ran into Dreykov after a long time. She confessed her guilt during their conversation. It was then that Dreykov decided to reveal Taskmaster’s identity to her.

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