Will Nicola Walker Leave Unforgotten During Season 4 on PBS?

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Will Nicola Walker Leave Unforgotten During Season 4 on PBS?

Is Nicola Walker leaving? Unforgotten on PBS during its fourth season? With all the talk of Cassie’s retirement at tonight’s premiere, it’s reasonable to wonder.

Of course, giving more information about Walker’s future could ruin the rest of Season 4 for you; remember that before you read on in this piece…

Still with us? Then know this: Season 4 will be the last for the Cassie character. In a statement after the show’s final broadcast in Britain, it was confirmed that Walker would actually be leaving. An ITV statement confirms that this was a joint decision between Walker and writer Chris Lang, and the two sides worked together to ensure the character had a happy ending.

Over there shall a fifth season of his Unforgotten on the way and with it a new partner joins Sunny. We will learn more about that over time.

Why learn this news in advance?

If you’re a PBS viewer and you chose to look up this information while watching Season 4, it might give you a different perspective on everything to come. Perhaps you can view this world differently, knowing that we will be at the end of the road for Cassie. It’s hard to watch the character disappear, but we’re not going to pretend we’re totally shocked by it all. It is important to remember that performers often leave shows, especially UK ones where there is less commitment to sticking to certain series for an extended period of time. You want to go ahead and try different creative pursuits and we understand that.

As sad as it is to see Walker leave, we are very curious what Unforgotten will look forward.

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What do you think of Nicole Walker’s departure? Unforgotten after the fourth season?

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