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Yellowstone Season 4: The Yellowstone is an American drama series created by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan. This drama series is broadcast on Paramount Network. It first premiered on June 20, in the year 2018. It casts popular actors and actresses such as Wes Bentley, Luke Grimes, Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Gil Birmingham and Cole Hauser.

The plot of the series revolves around the story of clashes in front of a shared boundary of a sprawling cattle ranch between the land developers and indigenous reserves.

Yellowstone Season 4: In Dutton Massacre, Beth’s assistant has sacrificed herself

The overwhelming season 3 of Yellowstone left fans in utter confusion as to what will happen to Dutton and his family. Yellowstone season 4 will answer the questions raised in the mind of the viewer by the season 3 finale episode. Dutton has been preparing to arrest the suspects, but he may have excellent correspondence with its deadliest rival.

In the closing moments of Episode 10 in Season 3, John Dutton was moved to the side of the highway. And this was a moment of shock for the viewers. Apart from this, his son was confronted by some gunmen. John Dutton was taken down and gunmen confronted his son while helping a fellow motorist to the side of the road. And a package of explosives was delivered to Beth’s office.

Even though Beth is expected to be lucky if she survives the horrific situation. But her new assistant was not lucky enough to survive this attack. Beth’s assistant opened the package, even after being warned several times. When she opened the package, it caused a massive explosion that destroyed much of Beth’s office building. Beth’s innocent assistant caught the full force of the explosion and sacrificed herself.

However, a new theory from Yellowstone proposes that Beth’s assistant was not innocent. Before hiring this new assistant, Beth had fired the previous assistant for accidentally dropping a tray of coffee. This shows Beth’s unforeseen cruelty to her staff, and this was a perfect opportunity for Dutton’s rivals to strike.

Dutton’s corporate enemies may have made the new assistant a pawn. And they had persuaded her to sacrifice herself in exchange for releasing her family from the economic hardship by giving them a substantial sum. And because it wasn’t easy to kill Beth by infiltrating her tight office security. Therefore, they may have orchestrated this plan to take Beth’s life.

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